Our mission

LIFEbeat is a registered charity formed in 2009. Our mission is to transform the lives of young people by nurturing safe, creative, intergenerational and diverse communities where together we heal, learn and thrive.

We aim to give young people the skills and inspiration to: Overcome the challenges they face; Navigate the divisions in society; Lead confident, healthy and purposeful lives.

We build:


Emotional literacy

Social skills


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Our values







Anti-Racism at LIFEbeat

“LIFEbeat is committed to challenging racism in all our activities.  With an ongoing practice of self-reflection and review, we will aim to take an actively anti-racist position, challenging unconscious bias and systemic racism in our own governance and organisational structures and indeed in the wider world.  We will continue to bring a deeper understanding across lines of difference via our youth programmes. and a greater awareness of racial inequality and social injustice in wider society.  We will also strive to provide anti-racism training and learning experiences to young people and professionals to empower them to be agents of positive social change, working towards racial equity, compassion, collaboration and inclusion in the fields of education, youth work, community and in society at large.”
Lucy Sicks (Founder/CEO)

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What we offer

We run three strands of programming that complement each other:

Personal Development Programmes

LIFEbeat offers personal development programmes for 14-18 year olds.

Professional Training

LIFEbeat offers professional training for youth workers, teachers, coaches, trainers and therapists.

Volunteering for Adults

LIFEbeat offers fully supported volunteering opportunities to make a real difference for young people in the UK.

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1. Week-long residential summer camps

The camps are the heart of the LIFEbeat programme. They enable participants to challenge themselves, develop new skills, expand their creativity and make friends for life. Camps are run in rural settings across the country, including Leicestershire, Somerset and Devon.

LIFEbeat camp is like a gateway to confidence – Zayn, 17

2. Peer mentoring programmes

In 2016/17 LIFEbeat piloted a peer mentoring programme designed to train and support programme alumni to make a transition into the adult staff teams and community. It was highly successful, with a second intake in January 2018.

As a peer mentor, I was able to see positive change in myself and help create the same change in others. – 2016 Participant

3. Safe LIFEbeat creative community networks

Youth are encouraged to keep in touch throughout the year with organized reunions and safe online community building.

Creative Practice workshops designed to enliven youth work and teaching practice.

I discovered amazing techniques for engaging and facilitating young learners. – 2016 Participant

Bespoke creative trainings for teachers within school settings and PSHE trainings for teachers.

A week-long adult volunteering programme at our summer camps

Ongoing group mentoring opportunities with young people within the LIFEbeat community.

Our approach

All LIFEbeat programmes are based on the premise that:

  • we are all essentially creative
  • we share a desire for a safe sense of belonging
  • we need genuine and authentic connections with others
  • we are capable of empathy and compassion
  • we develop and thrive within loving, creative community.

Based on the practices and principles of The Creative Community Model, our programmes use a unique combination of creative expression, personal story-telling and group work, combined with peer-to-peer support. Our approach stimulates participants’ creativity, via carefully structured processes, combined with individual and group reflection, to support them in developing sustainable take-away personal and professional qualities and skills. LIFEbeat’s programmes result in unique qualities of joy and celebration, which supports deep group and individual learning.

Who we work with

LIFEbeat deliberately works with as diverse a population of young people and adults as possible. Building bridges across perceived lines of difference in our society is a core part of what we do.

Our impact

Over 90% of young people felt their confidence improved after camp

Almost 80% of participants set themselves clear goals regarding their future

Over 75% of adults brought new skills, creativity and attitude back to the workplace following LIFEbeat programmes

Two thirds of young people were inspired to pursue their goals

Reference: London Business School Survey 2015