Our Mission

Our Goals

We aim to give young people the skills and inspiration to overcome the challenges they face, navigate the divisions in society, and lead confident, healthy and purposeful lives. We do this by building self-esteem, emotional literacy, social skills and resilience through the arts and creativity.

Our Approach

Our Creative Approach

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Creativity is at the Heart of LIFEbeat. We believe that a wide range of creative expression allows young people to explore and experience themselves and their own strengths and styles of leadership and group participation. Our model of youth leadership is based on the agency and the range of different qualities each person has. Art practices and creative approaches allow these qualities to be seen and acknowledged.

We work with a diverse group of creative professionals to bring art and creativity to our programmes, including graffiti artists, theatre directors, shadow puppeteers, dancers, art therapists, poets, musicians and many more… 

Celebrating & Learning From Difference

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and mission. Our work brings together diverse staff teams of participatory artists in temporary community with diverse groups of young people to explore prejudice, discrimination, and social justice issues. When reviewing referrals to our programmes we consider diversity across racialised communities, those living in poverty, gender/sexuality, and urban and rural populations. We aim to foster understanding and dialogue across lines of difference using arts-based practice, with an active anti-racism agenda prioritised within that mission. 

“If you really knew me…” film on identity, Created by LIFEbeat Youth Leaders, supported by Black Bark Films (2019)

Our Youth-Led Programmes

We run three strands of programming that complement each other:

Embedding strong youth voice, participation and leadership within youth organisations and communities, focusing on the value and richness of diversity based on understanding across lines of difference including race, gender, sexuality, age and faith. We aim to facilitate creative inclusive spaces where young people use their LIFEbeat experience to not only receive support but actively participate in shaping, changing and contributing to the health and cohesion of their different groups, networks and communities on a local level. Our youth-led programmes support young people to use their power and creativity to take action on things they care about. 

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Enhancing the confidence and creative facilitation skills of youth workers/mentors, teachers, artists/creatives and facilitators. LIFEbeat’s flagship Creative Practice training supports participants to better engage with the young people they work with, providing them with core skills to work with groups, and respond to the deeper needs of young people for creativity and connection. All training participants have access to LIFEbeat’s Creative Community Learning Network. LIFEbeat also works with schools, offering a range of well-being and RSHE training.

Oct 23 - CP Training
Cornwall CP Feb 2024

Building an intergenerational creative community, with a collective vision to empower young people in their self-expression and exploration of their inner lives. LIFEbeat offers fully supported volunteering opportunities on our Youth Personal Development Programmes. Volunteering on our residentials and day programmes provides the chance to make a real difference for young people in the UK, whilst having fun as part of a community.

Camp Staff Training (June 2023)
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