Sponsor a Young Person’s future

“It gave me a sense of community so I didn’t feel that I was on my own. I was part of a group of real people who actually cared. It definitely made me realise that I can connect with human beings instead of sitting at home alone. I don’t have to be on my own….. I used to think that everyone was out to get me to be honest, but they are not.” LIFEbeat beneficiary, aged 18, The Foyer, Bristol, 2018

There are a variety of ways you can support young people at LIFEbeat. If you sponsor a place at a LIFEbeat Summer Camp your sponsorship will fund all meals, activities and equipment for one young person, including staffing costs, a daily choice of workshops and evening activities, and transport to and from camp. Afterwards, they will continue to have access to the LIFEbeat community through contact via our referring partners, reunions and gatherings.

Want to become a LIFEbeat Youth Sponsor?

From June 6th – 20th we’ll be running a match-funded campaign, come back on Tuesday 6th to make your donation count twice as much!

There are many other ways of supporting us.

  • Become a patron
  • As a corporate sponsor
  • Fundraise for us

If you are a Corporation or a Trust please contact us at info@lifebeat.co.uk

LIFEbeat supports young people to address the issues they face and to develop life skills via its Summer Camps, working with selected partners to deliver ongoing aftercare and community support. The Camps bring together disadvantaged young people with different needs, educating and nurturing them to develop their values, improve emotional intelligence, confidence and self-awareness, and build resilience and aspiration.

The cost of an intensive, week-long residential programme for 50 young people and 30 adult staff mentors is £40,000.

For further information on Camp sponsorship and any general funding enquiries, please contact info@lifebeat.co.uk or call on 07557 349 005.

Who we help

Gangs and Youth Violence
LIFEbeat welcomes many young people who are affected by gangs and violence. Our work in partnership with other organisations has proved to be highly effective in offering a transformative intervention, helping these young people turn their lives around.

Looked After Children
These young people, who have been removed from their birth families and in foster care, are often suffering from trauma and mental health challenges. LIFEbeat offers them a community to belong to, a chance to tell their stories and to transcend their identities as rejected children.

Teenage Refugees
There has been an influx of teenage refugees over the last few years. LIFEbeat offers them respite, a sense of belonging: a safe place to tell their stories and to be seen, heard and valued; connecting them to a wider positive peer group.

Young Carers
These are young people who have a primary caring role within their own families, taking care of their parents and siblings due to injury or mental health issues. LIFEbeat offers them respite, a chance to be children again.

Free School Meals and Eligible for Pupil Premium
LIFEbeat also works with inner-city London Schools. Our criteria for programme bursaries are that pupils are eligible for either free school meals or pupil premium. These subsidies indicate that their families are at a socio-economic disadvantage. We hear young people’s stories of domestic violence, parental neglect, bereavement and mental health issues. LIFEbeat helps these young people develop soft skills, experience the creative freedom to express themselves and tell their personal stories without stigma or shame.