Next LIFEbeat Creative Practice

October, London

28 & 29 October, 10 am – 5 pm


  • £150 (company or individual)
  • £120 (charity or youth worker)
  • £90 (student/unemployed concession)

LIFEbeat works with individual adults and groups to offer both professional training and personal development opportunities.

All our workshops stand alone and are suitable for anyone looking to improve their facilitation skills. Whether you work with youth or adults, in schools or in private practice, training with LIFEbeat will teach you skills and give you a practical toolbox to make group sessions more fun and engaging.

We consider ourselves to be much more than a training organisation. We offer the chance to enter an extraordinary community of individuals who are exploring their personal and professional development together. We are creating a meaningful network of creative practitioners who are growing together.

If you are interested in supporting the work we do with young people as a volunteer, our Creative Practice workshops are the best place to start.

Creative Practice

Creative Practice is our comprehensive entry-level workshop for anyone who works with groups or who would like to know how to get started.

This 2-day intensive training covers all the basic tools and methods used by LIFEbeat. It is an experiential training and is required for anyone who would like to volunteer at our summer camps.

Through this workshop you will discover basic skills to facilitate groups and receive a tool-box of easy-to-lead activities that can be used with people of all ages.

Photograph courtesy of Jessica Balla |

“This course has caused me to profoundly re-evaluate my sense of what is possible with group-work” Adam Salmon, Service Manager

Who should attend?

  • Anyone looking to develop their personal skills in leading group activities
  • Anyone interested in volunteering with LIFEbeat
  • Those who already lead groups and would like new skills or ideas
  • Those who are looking for training to help them begin working with groups
  • Youth workers
  • Educators
  • Artists
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Business leaders
  • Event organisers

Bespoke workshops

LIFEbeat offers bespoke training for individual organisations. These are designed for businesses, schools and youth organisations seeking continued professional and personal development for their staff.

Higher level training

Following on from Creative Practice, LIFEbeat offers a series of higher level training and activities designed to help adults realise their own potential and continue their personal and professional development. These include regular community events, further weekend trainings and residential courses. Trainings will be announced on the website as and when they are scheduled.

Through our work we have seen with our own eyes that being part of a loving and caring community benefits everyone, creating an environment where people feel seen, nourished and able to explore and resolve some of the wider issues of society.

Our approach gets right to the heart of the issues and creates spaces for real communication and listening, both for the trauma an individual is carrying and for the shared trauma in community. We believe that the approach is beneficial both for the young people we serve and the adults who train in this model.

Somerset trainings

LIFEbeat runs RSHE trainings in collaboration with Somerset County Council. For more information visit our RSHE training page