Our first meeting after camp took place on September 27th, 2017.

The council takes place in the beautiful atrium of a law firm in central London. They invite us to use their space 4 times a year to gather together, reconnect and check-in as a community. The invitation is open to all young people and staff who have been to camps.

Every session revolves around some set goals:

  • To give young people a voice and influence on the direction of the LIFEbeat Programme
  • To represent the voice of young people to the LIFEbeat Board of Trustees
  • To give young people a voice themes arising out of current needs in society
  • To gain skills and experience based on LIFEbeat community practices for life, work and relationships
  • To consolidate personal learning and to create an opportunity to take action on things we care about

The September council was a great chance for us to digest and discuss some of the young people’s feedback about this year’s camps. LIFEbeat were extremely keen to hear the voices of the young people and to gather suggestions that could help us improve the camp experience next year.

After a round of check-ins, we moved to a discussion about personal power and what it meant for the participants. We gathered this list:

We then moved to smaller group discussions in which we talked about ways to increase personal power. The council sessions are a great way to reconnect and continue our LIFEbeat community after camps.


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