“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picasso

This Creative Challenge is reaching its end! Still with us? Give yourselves a massive pat on the back. Here are some ideas for ways to get creative this evening if you still haven’t done your piece today:

– Sing! You don’t need to record it and there doesn’t have to be an audience, just sing your song as loud as you dare
– Write a short story that starts with this line ‘I’d never been somewhere like this before…’
– Make a puppet. You could use a sock, and old t-shirt or even lollipop sticks. Let your own imagination guide you.

Day 5 was packed with lots of different creative risks! We have seen one of our Camp Returnees participating on her first ever horse showjumping competition, there’s been crochet, scrapbook, collage, some people grabbed an instrument for the first time, digital design… make sure you head to our Facebook event to see all the entries!

One of our favourites pieces from yesterday is this group poem created by several camp alumni and staff members on our Facebook group, a fun collaborative art piece that kept growing through the day!


Waking up this morning and looking at my toes

I notice they need some tender loving care

I stretch my arms, reaching out towards them

When suddenly a mysterious sound hits my ears

I find myself walking towards the cause of the noise

Blinded by the sun, my other senses take me towards the mysterious sound,

Closer and closer, heart pounding,

Breath deepening, I edge closer and closer

I can’t seem to find where the noise is coming from

I think maybe the noise is in my head

I pause. Take a deep breath

And then, without explanation, I start to run

I run until I can’t run anymore and my sides feel like they are going to split

I felt a funny feeling, then my feet began to glow

‘What is this?’ I ask, and begin to panic

Until the noise returns, speaking now.

“Shhh. it is only the soft glow of creativity.”

But then I see a little sparkle of hope

It is hovering over my head

It’s trying to tell me something.

So I gave my toes a wiggle

and felt the ground beneath,

“Love and unity is all we need to know”

Whispered the little sparkle of hope

Other sparkles began to appear,

Sparkles of kindness, caring and compassion

And they kept flickering until I held one in my hands

And there it grew, vast and vibrant, casting light into the darkest places

I felt it wrap its sparkling warm

Glowing light all around my body, mind and soul

Until it seeped deep within my every cell

Embracing me with the most tingling zinging lingering of sensations…

There was no doubt about what this sensation was

I raised my hands to the sky

And my heart sang out loud and clear


I smiled

Remember that you can still join the challenge with a one day piece on our final day tomorrow, or run your own challenge with a series of creative days at any other time! All funds raised go towards supporting young people’s places at Camps this summer! Head to our Virgin page to donate, every contribution hugely supports the work we do

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