If you’ve ever been to a LIFEbeat summer camp, you’ll know that the art barn is at the heart of our work and our community. It’s the place where young people and adults can go to get creative, relax and meet other people over an informal art activity.

With a constant supply or arts and crafts materials including pastels, chalks, colourful papers, feathers, beads, paints and much more, the art barn is a place where anyone, from the quietest to the loudest in the group, can hang out and engage in a simple creative activity whilst making new friends.

In 2018, we are extremely excited to welcome GreatArt as our art barn sponsor. The team at GreatArt have offered us loads of lovely art barn supplies and materials to support the work that we do with vulnerable young teenagers and to allow us to keep offering fully-stocked and vibrant arts spaces where people can get back in touch with their creativity.

A huge thank you to the team at GreatArt! Looking forward to a really exciting and vibrant season of craft and activities.

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