The LIFEbeat summer camps and trainings derive from a model originally developed by Charlie Murphy and Peggy Taylor in the 1990s at Power of Hope in the United States and Canada.

Charlie and Lucy Sicks met in 2007 and, combining skills and vision, co-founded LIFEbeat to bring this model to the UK. Charlie Murphy, and his brilliant husband Eric Mulholland, gave three years of invaluable training and support to help LIFEbeat deliver the first camps in the UK.

From 2011 Charlie, an Ashoka fellow, with his co-founder Peggy Taylor, began to focus on bringing The Creative Community Model, as it has come to be known, to many countries across the globe with their organisation Partners for Youth Empowerment.

Since that time, Lucy Sicks as CEO, together with a Board of Trustees and many passionate individuals in the LIFEbeat staff community, has continued to develop the programmes and to offer camps and trainings on an annual basis. The LIFEbeat community has thrived and continues to nurture both adults and young people throughout the UK.

Eric Mulholland with Charlie Murphy in 2015

Tragically, Charlie Murphy died on August 6th, 2016 following a battle with illness. His legacy lives on in the vitality and empowerment of the many young people who have benefitted from LIFEbeat and the professionals who have taken their training out into the wider world. We will always be indebted to Charlie and Peggy for their skills, their infectious passion for creating a more loving world and the creative genius of their vision.