The LIFEbeat/ICAP Youth Leadership Programme

This year, in collaboration with ICAP Charity Day, LIFEbeat ran the first LIFEbeat Youth Leadership Programme. It allowed us to work directly with young people to develop their leadership skills and to explore the issues that matter most to them.

Naming the issues

Naming the Issues

To set the project in motion, LIFEbeat hosted a day of workshops and discussions, allowing youth leaders to talk about and debate the issues that they felt were most impacting their lives. Having heard from everyone and discussed the common themes, the young people settled on three topics that felt most important to them: identity, mental health and youth violence.

Leading Discussions With Peers

Leading Discussions With Peers

Once the topics had been chosen, LIFEbeat’s Young Leaders were then invited to host workshops and discussion sessions on these topics during our residential summer camp programmes. The workshops proved to be extremely popular, prompting rich discussions and giving our Young Leaders a chance to step up and hold space for their peers. More than 100 young people took part in these sessions.

Creating Resources

Creating Resources

This autumn, our Youth Leaders came together for a weekend residential in which they worked to create short films and presentations based on the wide range of discussions and responses to each topic, both from their own perspectives and from those of their peers.

These films and presentations will be screened for the first time during the LIFEbeat Community Fund evening on January 30th.

Taking it Back to Schools

Alongside the films and presentations, LIFEbeat Young Leaders are helping to create themed lesson plans on the chosen topics which will be distributed to schools to be used as part of their PSHE curriculum.

From Spring 2020, LIFEbeat will be collaborating with the Young Leaders to present their work and resources in London schools, thereby promoting further debate and discussions with young people across the city.