Upcoming Creative Practice Training Dates in London

Next Creative Practice Training in London: 

Date: Sat. 1st & Sun. 2nd June 2024

Time: (9:30am-5pm)

Venue: Scene & Heard, London, NW1 1RX

Upcoming Creative Practice Dates: 

1st/2nd June 2024 – More info here

26th/27th October 2024 – More info here

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@lifebeat.co.uk.

Recent Participant Feedback

“I wanted to say thank you so much for holding the space for a truly transformational training weekend and introducing me to the LIFEbeat way. I have been digesting all week and there are so many wonderful skills and experiences that I am excited to use in my work and life. I have already begun implementing it into my youth work to great results.”

– Training Participant (Oct. 2023)

Our Recent Creative Practice Training in London (Oct. 2023)

Creative Practice Training

Our Creative Practice trainings are practical and experiential, designed to upskill and inspire youth workers, teachers, artists and therapists in facilitation skills, introducing participants to the culture and practice of LIFEbeat’s approach to youth work and group process.
The training goals are stated as:
  • To explore your relationship to your creativity
  • To learn ways to build a safe learning community
  • To learn arts-based activities that enliven learning and group trust
  • To explore ways to weave a variety of art forms into a programme
  • To have fun!
Creative Practice trainings are powerful community builders that model how to embed the arts and creativity to nurture empathy, collaboration, connection and solution focused thinking. Group participants experience themselves and each other in surprising and empowering ways, meeting their limits and edges and walking away with a tool kit of practices to use in their professional lives. These trainings always nurture a desire for next steps collaborations between professionals and inspire deep enquiry around learning via reflective practice and group discussions.

Volunteering with LIFEbeat

Creative Practice trainings are our comprehensive entry-level workshops, covering all the basic tools of creative community approach used by LIFEbeat.  Attendance at a Creative Practice training is required for anyone who would like to volunteer at our youth summer camps.

If you have attended a Creative Practice and are interested in volunteering with LIFEbeat, please enquire below.

Previous Creative Practice Participants

“The facilitators are so friendly, warm, generous, encouraging, inspiring and genuine. They both made it easy to ease us into the tasks with openness. A flow of information that was fed but simple to digest.”

– Participant, Oct. 23

“Definitely, the training has equipped and improved many of the skills that I am use in my work. For example – providing the tools necessary to build trust and to make the space more intensive at each stage. Sola and Chrystal ensured we felt seen and heard which I want to include in my work. Additionally, I learnt the skills of warming up a group so they feel they can be themselves.”

– Dorothy, Dec. 22

The training enabled me to release my creative expression which helped me process, heal, explore, learn, grow, and express myself. The facilitators were awesome. They really brought so much joy, care, authenticity, and fun. Very moving and I am forever grateful.”

– Participant, Oct. 23