Design a LIFEbeat Face Mask 

Fashion designer Gianni Lilliu has offered us an opportunity to design a range of LIFEbeat face masks and to be involved in marketing and promoting them. Gianni will be creating the range of masks in response to Corona, helping to spread messages of community and connection during this difficult time.


Here’s your challenge – please send us an image, design or piece of text that could be printed onto a face mask like the one above, and that demonstrates LIFEbeat’s core values: community, creativity and the ways that ‘we have more in common than separates us’. We want people to see these masks and feel a real sense of the LIFEbeat vibe of positivity.


Once we have picked the designs, we will also be looking for a social media team to come up with a great hashtag and run a social media campaign around the launch of the masks.


If you want to create a design, or be part of the social media team, let us know on Please mark the subject line ‘LIFEbeat Face Mask Design’.


Prepare Your Face Mask in the Virtual Art Barn
Tuesday, March 31st 5pm on Zoom
To help get your creativity flowing, LIFEbeat staff member Steph will be hosting a digital art barn session to help you to create your face mask. You don’t need any specialist equipment or art supplies – just some pens and paper! Let us know on if you would like to take part.

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