Let’s get creative and start our journey to a fantastic summer!

From June 12-18 LIFEbeat is challenging you create a new piece of art every day for 7 days, using at least 5 different creative forms.

7 days of creativity!

The LIFEbeat #CreativeChallenge is back! This year the challenge will take place on June 12-18, 2017.

Commit to creating something new on 7 consecutive days using 7 different art forms and invite friends and networks to sponsor you to raise funds to send young people to summer camp.

The challenge is open to everyone and is designed to raise awareness of LIFEbeat and start building momentum and creativity as we prepare for this year’s camps.

How to Take Part

If you would like to take part in the challenge and are interested in receiving updates and information about the event please email kitty@lifebeat.co.uk to be added to the mailing list.

It’s easy to take part in the #CreativeChallenge.

  • Join the #CreativeChallenge Facebook event 
  • Do one creative thing every day from June 12-18 (or choose alternative dates if you cannot commit to that week)
  • Take a picture, make a video, write about your project
  • If you feel comfortable sharing, post your creative works on social media and use the tag #CreativeChallenge
  • Consider asking people to sponsor you during the challenge. Whether it’s £1 or £100, every contribution will go towards getting 150 young people to camps this year!
  • Look out for other people’s creations.  Search social media channels for the tag #CreativeChallenge and show your support with a like or a comment.

The LIFEbeat Creative Challenge will be a boost to your own creativity and a great chance to connect with the LIFEbeat community.

We will be posting daily updates with ideas and inspiration. We will also offer prompts and share some of the work that has been created.


  • To nurture an exciting, collective explosion of creativity
  • To connect and celebrate our LIFEbeat community
  • To raise awareness about LIFEbeat and to expand our circle of people who are passionate about creativity, community and the positive potential of young people
  • To raise money to support young people to come to LIFEbeat summer camps 2017
  • To have fun!


  • No put downs of self or others
  • Encourage and support each other
  • Be bold: push our creative edges and try new things
  • Share our work and take part in the wider community
  • Use at least 5 different art forms during the challenge

Donate to LIFEbeat

You are welcome to take part in the #CreativeChallenge just for fun. If you would like to make a donation to LIFEbeat we suggest around £5 to cover our costs with the challenge.

You can also ask people to sponsor your participation in the challenge! They can donate to LIFEbeat through Virgin Giving.

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