“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on” Albert Einstein.

The first day of our Creative Challenge is over… and what a day! Here are some highlights from yesterday’s challenge, head to the Facebook event for more! On day 1 we had baking, haikus, drawing, poetry writing and more!

 An evening, in haiku-form

Cycling through London
Snaking in and out of cars
I get home safely

I open the door
My wife and son are laughing
Dinner is still hot

We open some wine
Your curry is delicious
She gives me a kiss

Red bike on the lawn
Evening sun in the garden
Shines on the old swing

Splashing in the bath
Suddenly I hear him cry
Soap got in his eyes

On top of the fence
Waiting for a leaf to fall
Our cat sits so stillTime to go to bed
will you read me a story?
will you hold my hand?The sound of the light
It’s the dimmer switch buzzing
White, electric noise

What’s next on the list?
Our bathroom is in boxes
In the living room

What will Day 2 bring? Are you stuck for ideas? Here are some suggestions for creative projects today:
– Create a picture using found objects. Head outside and gather some leaves, or cut up some old CDs you don’t need anymore.
– Open a book at a random page, pick a line and use it as the start of a story.
– Wear a different outfit. Put on some clothes you would never usually wear and head out of the house. Dressing differently could give you a whole new perspective on the world.

You can still join the challenge if you missed it yesterday, remember that all funds raised go towards supporting young people’s places at Camps this summer! Head to our Virgin page to donate, every contribution hugely supports the work we do

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