In 2017 we are asking LIFEbeat returnees to step up to the fundraising challenge and help to raise some money towards the cost of their space at camp. It costs £500 for each young person to attend one of our residential programs, but as a charity, we do our very best to raise the funds ourselves and offer all spaces on a donation-only basis. That means we can welcome young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Young people are welcome to come to return to LIFEbeat year after year, but we do ask that after their first camp they set clear goals for themselves and step into more of a leadership role. That’s why we’re asking all returnees to take the initiative to raise funds towards their space. We don’t expect them to raise the full £500, but a donation of anywhere from £50-£100 will make a big difference to the charity and help us to welcome more young people next year.

Looking for fundraising ideas? We’ve got some great suggestions for you!

Top Tips

  • Set yourself a target
  • Use social media
  • Explain why you want to go to camp – this helps you connect with people and will encourage them to be more generous
  • Explain what you will do after getting home from camp and why this experience will benefit you
  • Don’t be afraid to ask!

How to Donate

Raised some funds? You can send the donations to LIFEbeat by contacting us on or send the money via our Virgin Giving page.


LIFEbeat’s #CreativeChallenge is back for 2017! From June 12-18 LIFEbeat is challenging you to create a new piece of artwork every day for 7 days, using at least 5 different creative forms and post it on social media using the hashtag #CreativeChallenge. This is a great way to raise funds and you will get loads of support from LIFEbeat staff and young people. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you!

Want to take part in the Creative Challenge? Join the Facebook event here to stay up to date.

LIFEbeat Tin Rattle

As well as the #CreativeChallenge, LIFEbeat are offering returnee young people the chance to attend a fundraising event in central London. We will be descending on one of London’s busy tube stations and asking people to donate to the charity. If you’re interested in joining us for this event please email for more information.

Bake Sale

Why not host a bake sale at your school or community club? Some of our returnees have already hosted their very own bake sale and made over £100. Who doesn’t love cake?

Sponsored LIFEbeat Walk

Sola will be organising a sponsored walk in central London. The idea is simple: we will get our walking shoes and head off on an 8 mile walk. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Email if you would like to join. You can also organise your own sponsored walk or sports event in your community.

Sell Your Art

You’ve been to LIFEbeat before, so we know you’re creative. Why not ask people to sponsor you by purchasing a piece of your art: a painting, a poem, a performance of a song – anything you like!

Clothing Sale or Exchange

Cupboard bursting with extra clothes you don’t need? Why not organise a clothing sale or exchange? Sell off the clothes you don’t need or ask people to bring their clothes and pay £1 to make a swap with you. You could also sell old clothing you don’t wear anymore on EBay. Recycling old clothes is great for the environment too!

Film Screening

Got a great DVD you know your friends would love? Why not host a screening. Play the film, make some popcorn and ask everyone for £5 to visit your ‘home-cinema’.

Reach Out to Sponsors

Has LIFEbeat impacted your life? If it has, why not ask someone to sponsor your experience on a LIFEbeat camp? You could write a letter to a local business, ask your youth club or talk to family members about sponsoring your trip. Explain why you think the camp will benefit you and what you hope to achieve after your summer.

Offer to do Chores for People

Why not spend a Saturday doing some simple chores for people in return for sponsorship? Offer to wash your neighbours car, do some gardening for them or pick up parcels from the post office. Explain why you’re raising money and you will find that people can be very generous.

Create a Recipe Book

Love cooking or baking? Why not put together your favourite recipes into a small book (you can simply print the paper recipes and bind it together)? You can sell your recipe book to friends and families or ask the local community centre to stock a few copies.

Throw a BBQ

Turn up the music and heat up the coals, Tanya style! Everyone loves a cook-out, so invite friends over and ask for a donation in return for some delicious BBQ food. If you can get some live music to play during the BBQ then that’s even better!

Produce a Piece of Group Art

Why not play ‘Yes, and…’ with your social media network? Ask people to contribute one line to your story and poem and then ask for donations. Remember to explain why you’re raising money and what the opportunity to come to camps will mean to you.


Any Other Ideas?

Got a great fundraising idea? We would love to hear it. Tweet us @LIFEbeatUK, post on Facebook, or email us at

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