“The earth without art is just eh.” Unknown Author

Drumroll please….It’s day 7 of the #creativechallenge – our final day!

Don’t worry if you’ve missed it. Although the wider community have been taking part in the challenge this week, you are welcome to set your own dates and take part in the challenge any time that works for you and for as many days as you can!

Here are some ideas to help you find inspiration today:

– Wear a white t-shirt and carry colourful pens around with you. Ask everyone you meet to write a message on your t-shirt (just like leavers day). A great way to make collaborative art!
– Do some flower arranging. Go for a walk, find some beautiful summer wildflowers and make an arrangement to keep for a few days. A great reminder of your challenge!
– Write a short story on the theme of ‘7 days’

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge and made it so special. What a great way to start our summer season.

Day 6 was full – the sun was shining and so was the light of creativity… make sure you head to our Facebook event to see all the entries! There was obedience training for dogs, wedding photography, music-making and even a colour run.

All funds raised from the #creativechallenge go towards supporting young people’s places at Camps this summer! Head to our Virgin page to donate, every contribution hugely supports the work we do.

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