LIFEbeat is a UK registered charity founded in 2009 by Lucy Sicks. Our mission is to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people – giving them the skills and inspiration to overcome the challenges they face, to navigate the divisions in society and to lead confident, healthy and purposeful lives. LIFEbeat cultivates the potential of young people and adults by stimulating their creativity in the context of a safe and vibrant community. Through our youth programmes and summer camps, as well as our youth and professional training programmes, we build resilience, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and social skills. LIFEbeat’s approach weaves together key different essential practices: creativity and arts practice, focus on relationships and group/community work, personal storytelling, and reflective practice.

For young people, we run vibrant, safe, week-long Summer Camps for 14-18 year olds, and provide ongoing support through group mentoring and reunions. We also host shorter weekend wellbeing residential programmes, and have created a number of youth leadership programmes.

For adults, we offer two day Creative Practice Workshops. These have been designed to be used by professionals in the teaching, counselling and youth care sectors, but are also available to anyone wanting to develop creativity, ignite passion into their lives, or develop their inner wellbeing. Since 2019, LIFEbeat has been working closely on a number of initiatives with Somerset County Council and their secondary school teaching community. We have created and run programmes focused on mental health and wellbeing. The plan is to roll these activities out to other counties in the UK, with some programmes already underway in Leicestershire.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, LIFEbeat was quick to respond and over the ensuing months we hosted online versions of all the above activities.

The Position

We are now looking for an Executive Director to join our team and play a key role in leading the development and growth of our activities, to answer the growing need for our work in the education, youth, community and arts sectors.  With the challenges facing young people in the UK on mental health issues, school and community pressures and a lack of supportive role models, LIFEbeat’s programmes are increasingly vital.

We are looking to recruit a dynamic Executive Director who has the experience, energy and commitment to take this small, unique organisation to the next level in order that we can reach and impact the lives of many more young people in the UK.

Once a full induction programme has been completed, to ensure an understanding of LIFEbeat’s history, activities and ethos, the Executive Director will take over day to day management of the organisation, freeing Lucy up to focus full time on programme development and training. This person will manage the core team, be ready to take on new challenges, be creative and have proven experience in creating clear, strategic business plans, financial responsibility and fulfilling goals. The Executive Director will be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and enthusiastic about working with a team and as part of a community.

The appointee will be an outstanding leader, who creates impact by inspiring and serving others. They will be accomplished at building networks and creating positive connections; and will have a strong track record of supporting and working in close collaboration with senior stakeholders, Board members and major donors, to identify opportunities across their networks, including companies and trusts.  The ideal candidate will be strategic and see fundraising and marketing within the context of the wider organisational strategy and objectives. We are looking for someone who is a good communicator with an excellent eye for detail and governance.

Roles and responsibilities

Reporting to the LIFEbeat Board of Trustees, the appointee will have the following responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for LIFEbeat’s fundraising and development, to support the scaling of projects and to secure LIFEbeat’s long term financial stability
  • To develop the LIFEbeat strategy to scale our youth programmes and Trainings
  • To oversee day to day responsibility for the management of LIFEbeat and to oversee the executive LIFEbeat staff team
  • To take overall responsibility for LIFEbeat finances in conjunction with the Board Treasurer
  • To oversee and develop a marketing strategy for camps, programmes and trainings
  • Work closely with the Trustees to maximise Board effectiveness
  • To represent LIFEbeat in the fields of Youth work and Education, meeting senior figures, attending events and representing LIFEbeat at senior level in all other appropriate sectors.
  • At all times, in all activities and strategic thinking, to safeguard and promote the interests of the youth LIFEbeat serves

Background Skills and Experience

LIFEbeat is seeking a candidate who has the following:

  1. Background:
  • Proven fundraising experience and successful track record in raising revenue.
  • Financial acumen: budgeting and forecasts; profit and loss and managing expenditure; financial reporting.
  • Experience of working within the youth sector/education.
  • Gravitas and credibility in stakeholder engagement; has acted as an Ambassador for an organisation
  • Project Management background – possibly in events management, training, or similar
  • Staff management experience
  • Highly proficient in tech and managing systems
  • Marketing – could be from a previous career in media, PR
  • Operational management
  • Previous experience of working for a charity is not a requirement, but would be beneficial

2. Personal qualities:

  • Leadership
  • Enthusiasm and dynamism
  • Clear thinking – strong on broad strategic matters, but also with an eye for detail
  • Hands-on approach
  • A good communicator and manager of people
  • Patience
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Strongly motivated to make a difference


Ideally in or within a short distance of London


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