“Think left and think right, think low and think high,
Oh the things you can think up, if you only try!” Dr Seuss

Day 5 and the challenge is getting harder. Time to think outside the box as you come up with a creative activity for the day:

– Create a drum out of household objects and make a rhythm
– Create a collage using old magazine pieces or newspapers
– Contribute to LIFEbeat’s pass the poem! We started one this morning on our Camps Facebook group and invited everyone to add a line.  You can also start your own and invite all your friends to add lines!

And of course we are also featuring some highlights from Day 4, look at this amazing glitter bottle one of our Camp Returnees made!

As the week goes one we are seeing more and more interesting creative ways. Did you know parsnips not only taste great when baked, but can also be great stamping and printing tools? Yes you heard that right! We also had writing, cake making, drawing, beautiful mandalas and great collages made out of random objects you can find around your house. Make sure you head to the Facebook event to find more!

Remember that you can still join the challenge at a later date or participate during a day or two. All funds raised go towards supporting young people’s places at Camps this summer! Head to our Virgin page to donate, every contribution hugely supports the work we do

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