This year, LIFEbeat are asking all returning young people to make an effort to raise funds towards the cost of their place at camps. We’ve seen some brilliant initiatives, from doing chores around the house, reaching out to local businesses, taking part in the #CreativeChallenge and sponsored walks.

One of our regular returnees, J (name adapted for child-protection purposes), went a step further. Not only did she do some excellent fundraising, she also acted as an ambassador in her school and encouraged other young people to sign up for camps and then got them involved in raising funds too. Together, the group have run car washes and bake sales, raising an amazing £332.02.

“LIFEbeat is like my second home, my safe haven in fact,” says J, “so raising so much money for the charity has warmed my heart.”

“This fundraising experience has been quite a challenge when it came down to organising, having patience and working as a team. However, there was never a time where I doubted these fundraising tasks. Throughout every step of the way I had nothing but positivity on my mind and in my heart because LIFEbeat has made me into such a positive mindful person with so much love and warmth which I can then share out to others and make them experience the feelings that LIFEbeat left me with.
As a returnee, I feel like it’s my duty to encourage, support and inspire others, especially with the fundraising aspects. Four of my friends also partook on these fundraising activities and will soon be LIFEbeaters in August!
It’s been great working as a team and introducing newcomers to LIFEbeat. I will always share the good vibes and spirit fingers!”
We can’t want to meet welcome J’s new recruits and to help J continue to step up as a role model on camp this year.

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